Classic desk Higgins

Classic desk Higgins Classic desk Higgins is an in-house design by Mr. Higgins. This desk is inspired by an antique model desk which has been...

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Classic desk Higgins

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    Classic desk Higgins

    Classic desk Higgins is an in-house design by Mr. Higgins. This desk is inspired by an antique model desk which has been adapted to the sizes and requirements of today. Beautiful classic desk with contemporary convenience. This solid mahogany desk has a graceful, flowing design. The desktop inlaid with leather which is available in different colors.

    Dimensions and price.

    W135xD70xH78. Price €1,599

    Available from stock black leather


    All types of classic desks can be customized. Custom classic desks are in high demand. You can find standard classic desks, but custom classic desks absolutely not. We provide customized services at competitive prices. The sleek models fit very well in modern decor. Color also determines whether a desk is truly classic or has a contemporary look. Any desk can be made as a corner desk. We can also make the desks wall-to-wall. You can do this to create 2 workstations side by side, for example. You decide where drawers, open shelves or doors will go. The desks can also be made slightly lower than the standard height of 79 centimeters. Then any dining room chair will match the desk.


    Various stain shades and colors are available from our workshop. You can view these shades and colors in our showroom. By finishing the desk in a different color, you can give the desk a rustic or contemporary look.

    Desks with or without leather in the desktop.

    The desks can be inlaid with leather. Many colors of leather are available. We can also add a gold trim to the leather. This makes the classic desk truly classic.

    Each desk can also be supplied with a solid top. Customers often want this if the desk is going to be a different color than the standard Red Mahogany shade.

    Matching custom furniture.

    We have a database of more than 300 photos. These are all examples of matching furniture. For example, you can create matching furniture for hanging files, binders, printers or even LPs. The latter is also fairly common. The room where the desk will be located is also often a hobby room. The office chairs are made in the same color as the desk.

    It is not necessary to buy an office chair with wheels. The desks are 79 centimeters high. So normal dining chairs fit that. In fact, most tables are 77 to 79 centimeters high.

    Showroom in old farmhouse on the outskirts of Alphen aan den Rijn.

    The showroom is located in the old stables. The haystack is the entrance and connects both stables. You can easily park in our yard.


    • Can be custom made